3.3 Select File Definition(s) to Work With

Many of the options that can be invoked from the file control menu will request the name(s) of the files that you wish to work with (i.e. files to be reviewed/changed, printed, etc). In all cases this file selection method is identical.

Initially a screen is presented that requests the name(s) of the files to be worked with.

If you have been working with files before, then the name will be prefilled with the name of the last file you worked with.


 SELFILE                   Select File to Work with                    


 Enter full or partial name of the file definition(s) to be worked     

 with or leave blank to select from all file definitions . . . _______ 





 Fnn=Help  Fnn=Exit  Fnn=Cancel  Fnn=Messages                          




Using this display you can nominate the file(s) required in 3 different ways:

When a list of files is displayed the display will look like the screen below (which resulted from entering partial file name DEM)


 SELFILE                   Select File to Work with                    


 Enter full or partial name of the file definition(s) to be worked     

 with or leave blank to select from all file definitions . . DEM       


 Sel  File     Library      Description                            

     DEMDIVN  DC@DEMOLIB   Table of valid company divisions       

     DEMHEAD  DC@DEMOLIB   Demo Order Header File                O x

     DEMLINE  DC@DEMOLIB   Demo Order Lines File                   x

     DEMNAME  DC@DEMOLIB   Demo Names File                       O 

     DEMPROD  DC@DEMOLIB   Product master file                   O x 




 Fnn=Help  Fnn=Exit  Fnn=Cancel  Fnn=Messages                        





An 'O' to the right of the file description indicates that the file has been compiled to make it operational.

An 'x' to the right of the file description indicated that this is an RDMLX file.

Using this display you can: