3.10.2 Select Files When Working from File Definition Menu

Some of the processes that work from the file definition menu will request that other file names be specified, for instance the file to which this access route links or the file which is the batch control file.

When requested to specify a file name it can usually be done in any of these ways:

When a list of files is displayed it will look like this example which resulted from specifying partial name DEM as the name of a file to be accessed via an access route:


 DC@P800901             Select Required File                           


 Either choose file required from the list below                       

 Or     enter a new full or partial search name : DEMH                 


 Sel File       Library   Type  Description and other details          

  _  DEMHEAD    DC@DEMOLIB PHY Demo Order Header File                  

                Keyed by DEMORD     - Order number                     

  _  DEMHEADC   DC@DEMOLIB LGL Order header by customer, order         

                Based on physical file DEMHEAD                         

                Keyed by DEMCUS     - Customer number                  

                         DEMORD     - Order number                     



 Fnn=Help  Fnn=Exit  Fnn=Cancel  Fnn=Messages                          




From this display a file can be selected or a new search made by entering a new full or partial name in the top right of the screen.