3.13.1 Choose Fields for Which Rules And Triggers Are to Be Displayed

A screen similar to the example following will be displayed when the option to "Review or change file rules and triggers" is chosen from the file definition menu:


 DC@P200801          Select Field(s) from File Definition              




 Select from the list below field(s) in this file for which file level 

 field rules and triggers are to be displayed,input,changed or deleted.


 Sel    Field      Description                           Type  Len  Dec

  _     DEMNAC     Name code                               A     6     

  _     DEMNAM     Name                                    A    25     

  _     DEMAD1     Address line 1                          A    25     

  _     DEMAD2     Address line 2                          A    25     

  _     DEMAD3     Address line 3                          A    25     

  _     DEMPCD     Post code                               A     4     



 Fnn=Help  Fnn=Exit  Fnn=Cancel  Fnn=Messages                          




This screen displays the names of all fields in the file definition currently being worked with. Working from this display you can: