3.15.8 Virtual Field RPG Source Code Maintenance

This screen is displayed when the option to review or edit the virtual field RPG source code has been chosen on the screen described in preceding sections.



 DC@P201602          Edit Virtual Field Derivation Code      




      Choose section(s) of file I/O module in which virtual            

      field derivation code is to be included ..................       


  Choose      I/O module code section                   RPG type       

    _         File specifications                       "F" specs      

    _         Array specifications                      "E" specs      

    _         External record format or field renames   "I" specs      

    _         Data structure specifications             "I" specs      

    _         Calculations after input from file        "C" specs      

    _         Calculations before output to file        "C" specs      

    _         Internal subroutines                      "C" specs      

    _         Output specifications                     "O" specs      

    _         Compile time array data                   N/Applicable   



 Fnn=Help  Fnn=Exit  Fnn=Cancel  Fnn=Messages   



Working from the Edit Virtual Field Derivation Code screen you can:

To edit or review any RPG code section(s) enter any non-blank character beside the desired section and press the enter key.

If no sections are chosen for review or edit, the list of virtual field definitions display, described in 3.15.3 Virtual Fields Maintenance, will be re-displayed.

The sections of RPG code displayed describe the parts or portions of the RPG file I/O module in which you can include user code that is to be used to derive virtual fields.

More details about the RPG I/O module that is created for every file defined within LANSA are supplied elsewhere.

When LANSA is automatically generating the RPG code for an I/O module it looks for any virtual field RPG code associated with the file and automatically includes it at the correct point.