4. Processes and Functions

You will find these topics described in this chapter:

4.1 What Is a Process and What Is a Function?

4.2 Process Control Menu

4.3 Select Processes to Be Worked With

4.4 Create a New Process Definition

4.5 Existing Process Definition Maintenance

4.6 Delete a Process Definition

4.7 Compile a Process from New or Amended Definition

4.8 Process Help Text

4.9 Print Process Definitions

4.10 Use/Execute a Process from a Workstation

4.11 Submit a Process to Batch

4.12 LANSA Debug Mode

4.13 Process Definition

4.14 Create a New Function

4.15 Edit a Function's RDML Commands

4.16 Rename a Function

4.17 Delete a Function

4.18 Function Control Table

4.19 Special Entries on the Process Menu

4.20 Multilingual Special Entries

4.21 Other Processes on the Process Menu

4.22 Process Parameters

4.23 Miscellaneous Process Details

4.24 Process Multilingual Attributes

4.25 The Action Bar Control Table