4.8.4 Using the IBM Source Entry Utility SEU (Source Entry Utility)

If HELP text exists for the process or function, or after completion of input on the HELP text copy options screen, a screen similar to the example following will be displayed:


  Columns . . . .:   1  71                Edit           QTEMP/HELPWORK

  Find  . . .                                                  HELPWORK

  FMT **  ...+... 1 ...+... 2 ...+... 3 ...+... 4 ...+... 5 ...+... 6 .

         *************** Beginning of data ****************************

 0001.00 $$LANGUAGE=ENG                                                


 0003.00  This field represents the{employee number}assigned to the    

 0004.00  employee by this company. Each and every employee must have  

 0005.00  an employee number. On any screen where you are asked to     

 0006.00  specify an employee number you can press the prompt key on   

 0007.00  employee number to cause a pop-up window to be displayed.    

 0008.00  You can then search by employee name and select the required 

 0009.00  employee number.                                             


  F3=Exit                   F4=Prompt                 F5=Refresh       

  F10=Top                   F11=Bottom                F24=More keys    



The HELP text input screen is presented by the SEU (Source Entry Utility). SEU is provided by IBM and is used to create and manipulate source or text.

SEU is widely used by IBM i programmers and other users. . If you are unfamiliar with the features and functions of SEU refer to the appropriate IBM manual.

In addition, SEU has online HELP facilities of its own. Once you have started to use SEU press the HELP key and review the extensive HELP text available.

Using SEU the HELP text associated with the process or function can be reviewed, created or changed. All the features of SEU are available and can be used.

If SEU is not available on your IBM i machine, the help text will be edited by EDTF command. Refer to help on this command for features. On exit from the EDTF you will be asked if you wish any changes made to the LANSA help text to be copied to the LANSA files.