4.10.1 Specify Process Parameters

If a process has been selected for use and it has been defined with one or more parameters a display similar to the example following will result:


 EXAMPLE                  Print Ledger Account History                 


 Process  :  EXAMPLE    - Print Ledger Account History                 



  Company number  : _____________________________________________   

  Account number  : _____________________________________________   



 Fnn=Help  Fnn=Exit  Fnn=Cancel  Fnn=Messages                          



For more information on how process parameters are specified refer to in 4.11.1 Specify Process Parameters.

The use of process parameters with processes that are designed to be used exclusively from a workstation is not recommended. Process parameters are primarily intended as a means of passing information into processes that are designed to run in batch. See the 4.11 Submit a Process to Batch for more details.

Input Options

The following input options apply to specifying process parameter values when using a process:


This is an output field. It shows the description associated with the process parameter. For more information about defining process parameters refer to 4.11.1 Specify Process Parameters.


Specifies the value that is to be placed into the associated process parameter. The value specified can only be an alphanumeric literal or a numeric literal.

If an alphanumeric literal is specified it should NOT be enclosed in quotes or the quotes will be mapped into the parameter as well.

Values specified are checked for compatibility with the definition of the associated process parameter. The compatibility check validates type, length and number of decimal positions.