4.11.3 Submit a Process to Batch directly from Your Own Application

This section has so far described how to submit a process to batch from within LANSA. It is possible to submit a batch process directly from your own application program or from command entry.

The direct submission of a process is achieved by specifying parameters on the LANSA command or when calling the LANSA program.

 Accessing LANSA described how LANSA could be invoked by be executing the command:


or by calling LANSA:


To submit a process called HISTORY to batch directly from your own application, without going though the normal LANSA menus, the following command could be used:


or by calling LANSA:


Either the LANSA command or the CALL command can be compiled into your own application programs and the name of the process to be run can be passed as a variable instead of a literal.

The LANSA or CALL commands can be executed from an interactive application or from a batch application.

Additional parameters on the LANSA command and the LANSA program allow the passing of parameters from your application program into the process as well. This a very useful facility because the parameters are submitted with the process. Refer to the LANSA Command.