4.12.3 Turn LANSA Debug Mode ON

The first thing that must be done to use LANSA debugging mode is to turn it on.

To do this, on the Work with Processes screen, select F10=Other, to display the LANSA Debug On/Off popup box. Select Turn LANSA debugging mode on.

On the resulting display you may optionally nominate the name of the process and/or function that is to be debugged.

Note: Avoid using IBM i and LANSA debug mode at the same time. Attempting to use them together will not do any harm but they may  "interfere" with one another and not work correctly.

The default names for the process and function to be debugged are *FIRST / *FIRST which indicate that the first function in the first process you intend to use should be debugged.

Generally you only ever need to nominate a specific process and/or function when it is going to be called by the process/function you intend to run first (i.e. you are attempting to debug a "subroutine" function).

After selecting the process/function to be debugged, the system should respond with a message indicating that debugging mode has been turned on. If debugging mode is already on the message will indicate this fact instead.

If Function Routing is enabled, the routed "to" function will be executed. It is this "to" function which must be specified for debug.