4.12.4 LANSA Debug in Batch

LANSA functions may also be debugged while executing in batch.

You must first turn on LANSA debugging mode from the Process Control Menu. After this, any subsequent process or function that is submitted to batch via the Submit process to batch menu option or the SUBMIT RDML command can then be debugged interactively on another display device.

Once the batch job begins execution, a message will be sent to the display device from which the LANSA job was originally submitted. The response to this message may be one of these:

<display device name>

the name of the display device to be used for interactive debugging of the batch LANSA function. Note that the nominated display device must be signed off before it can be used for interactive batch debugging.


terminates the batch job immediately


indicates that batch debugging of the LANSA function is not required. The function will continue to execute as though debugging had not been turned on.


causes the job to wait for 5 minutes before sending the same message again.

The default reply after 120 seconds is to cancel.

Once an available display device has been nominated, this display device will be used for the interactive debugging of the LANSA job with the same interaction as an interactive LANSA job detailed in Using LANSA Debugging Mode.