4.15.5 Prompt RDML Commands

When inputting or amending an RDML program it is possible to "prompt" an RDML command (or commands) in 5 different ways.

The first is called "formatted prompting" and allows the input or amendment of the command parameters in a formatted fashion. The formatted prompting facility uses the standard command prompting features of the operating system and in operation are identical to prompting CL commands from the IBM i command entry display screen.

The second is called "unformatted prompting" and allows the input or amendment of command parameters in an unformatted fashion. The unformatted prompting facility displays the prompted command on a single screen and allows it to be modified using the insert and delete keys.

The third is called "field list prompting" and allows the FIELDS (or equivalent) parameter of some commands to be dynamically built or modified by selecting fields from the LANSA data dictionary and/or a file definition.

The fourth is called "application template prompting" and allows whole blocks of RDML commands to be automatically generated from an application template.

The fifth is called "copy function prompting" and allows another entire RDML program or a part of an RDML program to be copied.

Prompting requests are input in the column labeled "Act" (action) beside the command(s) that are to be prompted.