4.15.8 IBM Program Editor SEU

If you have elected to use the IBM source editor SEU and used the CHANGE function key a screen similar to the following example will be presented initially:


 DC@P309801               Edit RDML by IBM editor         




         Specify details of any other functions that you may wish      

         to browse or copy from while using SEU    on this function    


                     Process name  Function name                       

                      _________     _______                            

                      _________     _______                            

                      _________     _______                            

                      _________     _______                            

                      _________     _______                            

                      _________     _______                


 Fnn=Help  Fnn=Exit  Fnn=Cancel  Fnn=Messages                          



This screen is requesting that you nominate any other functions that you may wish to browse or copy from while using the SEU utilities.

The reason that they must be nominated before beginning to use SEU is that LANSA must also re-format them into source format and copy them to the FUNCWORK work file, described in 4.15.7 About the IBM Program Editor SEU.

If you do not wish to browse or copy any other functions press enter without nominating any process or function names. The SEU utility will be then invoked.

If you wish to browse or copy other functions then specify their names. If you do not nominate the process to which the function belongs, the current process (shown at the top of the screen) is assumed.

All functions nominated for browse or copy are then checked for existence and access rights. If any error occurs the screen will be re-presented with an error message.

When functions are placed into the FUNCWORK work file for browse or copy they are added as members that have a name like:


where "fffffff" is the function name and the "BRW" indicates they have been added for browse/copy purposes.

The function that is actually being edited in the FUNCWORK file (shown at the top of the screen) always has a name like:


where "fffffff" is the function name and the "EDT" indicates it has been added for edit purposes.

Note: Browse/copy members are not removed from the FUNCWORK work file when the edit session ends. Thus they are available at all times until you sign off. As such it is not necessary to keep specifying the same browse/copy functions each and every time the SEU utility is invoked.