4.15.10 Function Checker

After you have edited an RDML program (using either the LANSA or the IBM SEU editor) you may choose to use the online function checker.

You have the option to use the function checker whenever a message like this appears at the top of the current screen:

Invoke the function checker________  YES,LIST,DESIGN,NO

The function checker performs the following tasks:

In addition, the function checker can produce a report that details all the screen designs being used by the function and fully indented listing (with imbedded error messages) of the RDML program.

To invoke the function checker enter YES, LIST or DESIGN in response to the prompt that appears at the top of the screen. To avoid using the function checker enter NO.

When the function checker has completed execution the RDML program will be re-displayed. Some points to note about this are:

It is easy to code an RDML program that will not "compile". Such errors usually result from spelling or syntax problems. The function checker will locate any error that will prevent an RDML program from "compiling" and highlight it with the appropriate error message(s). In such situations you should correct the error and run the function checker again.

Note the use of the word "compile" in this context. If the RDML program contains errors that prevent it from "compiling" then it must be corrected by you. This is because the error exists at the RDML level.

However, if no errors are found in the RDML program by LANSA, but the resultant RPG program generated by LANSA will not compile, it indicates a problem in LANSA itself. In such situations report the problem to your LANSA product vendor.

The function checker will never operate quickly. A typical RDML program takes 10 - 30 seconds to check. Many factors influence the speed of the function checker, however the most significant is the number of DISPLAY and REQUEST commands in the RDML program. Since each DISPLAY or REQUEST command used causes the function checker to validate and design a screen format it is easy to see how they slow it down.