4.15.13 Report Design Facility

Once the function checker has been run and no fatal errors were found in the RDML program it is possible to use the report design facility. The function checker is described in detail in preceding sections of this chapter.

It is easy to tell when the report design facility can be used because a message like this will appear at the top of the screen:


Invoke the design facility for ______  (SCREEN, REPORT)

If this message does not appear at the top of the screen it will be for one of the following reasons:

To invoke the report design facility enter REPORT in response to the message previously described and press enter.

The resulting display will look something like this:


  Opt_Rpt_Seq_Command___Parameter(s)_______________________Cycles: 1


                        (#CUSNUM) (#CUSNAM))


                        (#QANTY) (#VALUE))                            


This screen displays all the DEF_HEAD, DEF_FOOT, DEF_LINE and DEF_BREAK commands that were found in the RDML program. In following sections these commands are referred to as the DEF_XXXXX report commands.

In this example you can see:

After considering the information on the display you can do one of two things:

In addition, a "Cycle" (report cycles to be emulated) value may be specified at the top of the screen and a "Repeat" (number of times to repeat the image) value may be specified for each individual DEF_LINE command beside the command in the column headed "Rpt". These values are used to enhance the "image" of the report and are described in more detail in 4.15.15 Use Cycle and Repeat Values to Enhance Report Image.