4.18.3 Experiment with Process Control Table

The process control table associated with any process can be changed dynamically. There is no need to recompile the associated functions.

As such it is easy to experiment with the process control table entries to learn how they work and what can be achieved using them.

The steps involved in review or change of the function control table can be visualized as follows:



 1. Select the option to review or       |          |

    change the function control table    | PROCESS  |

    on the process definition menu.      |DEFINITION|

                                         |  MENU    |



 2. Review or change the process         |          |

    control table.                       | REV/CHG  |

                                         | PROCESS  |

                                         | CONTROL  |

                                         | TABLE    |



No harm can result from altering process control table entries. The worst thing that can happen is that you will lock yourself into a function and not be able to get out.