4.20.1 Multilingual Special Entries Maintenance

When the option to review or change multilingual special entries is chosen from the process definition menu is chosen, a screen similar to this will result:


 DC@P300701           Multilingual Options - LRTB             


 Process  : PSLSYS                                                     


  Sequence  Description to display on menu               Language      

         1  Zend een boodschap                           ( DUT )       

         1  Send a message                               ( ENG )       

         1  Senden einer Mitteilung                      ( DEU )       


  Fnn=Help  Fnn=Exit  Fnn=Cancel  Fnn=Messages  Fnn=Change   



From this screen it is possible to:

Input Options

The following input option is used to change a special entry's multilingual attributes:

Description to display on menu

Specifies the description that is to be associated with the special option command. This description will be displayed on the process's main menu and is used when choosing to execute the IBM i command. A description of the special option command for all languages is mandatory.