4.22 Process Parameters

Note: Process Parameters should never be used. They exist only for backward compatibility.

Parameters are fields that are passed into a process from an "external" source.

The "external" source can be a data entry screen, which is presented by LANSA, into which the user keys values for the parameters. It can also be a user written application program that passes the parameter values into LANSA.

Once a parameter is defined for a process it is accessible to every function within the process. Each parameter defined in a process is assigned a "symbolic" name that allows it to be easily accessed by the RDML commands associated with a function. The symbolic names have the form *UPnn where "nn" is the parameter number in the range 01 -> 10. Generally a parameter's symbolic name can be used anywhere in an RDML command that a normal field name or literal value could be used.

Some specific instances where Process Parameters cannot be used are:

In previous versions of LANSA, parameters may have been used in the following situations:

For more information about the RDML commands mentioned, refer to REQUEST, EXCHANGE and TRANSFER in the Technical Reference Guide.