4.23 Miscellaneous Process Details

Miscellaneous process details are all the parts of the process definition that do not fit into any of the other facilities available from the process definition menu.

All of the details associated with a process that are classified as "miscellaneous" were originally specified when the process was first created. The "Review or change miscellaneous process details" facility is provided to allow these details to be changed. They include:

The steps involved in the review or change of miscellaneous process details are as follows:


 1. Select the option to review or       |          |

    change miscellaneous process details | PROCESS  |

    on the process definition menu.      |DEFINITION|

                                         |  MENU    |



 2. Review or change the miscellaneous   |          |

    process details.                     | REV/CHG  |

                                         |  MISC.   |

                                         | DETAILS  |