5.2.6 Review or Change the Object Security

When an object (field, file, process, partition, template, system variable, multilingual variable or weblet) has been chosen from the display detailed in the preceding section a screen similar to the following example will be presented:

DC@P400101         Select Object(s) to Review                 


Enter full or partial name of the object(s) to be worked with        

or leave blank to display a list of all objects               : le   

                                              Filter by Type  : FIELD 

 Sel     Object     Library    Type                                   

  X      LEABACCEL             FIELD    Action Bar Accelerator key    

  X      LEABPDDSC             FIELD    Pull Down Description         

  X      LEACACCN              FIELD    Action Bar Accelerator key    

  X      LEACBARDS             FIELD    Action Bar Item Description   

  X      LEACBAROP             FIELD    Action Bar Options Code       

  X      LEACCDESC             FIELD    Description                   

         LEACCDFTA             FIELD    Default action                

         LEACCFILE             FIELD    File accessed                 

         LEACCKEEP             FIELD    Keep last                     

         LEACCKEY              FIELD    Key Field/Value               

         LEACCMAXR             FIELD    Number of records             

         LEACCNAME             FIELD    Name                          

         LEACCPJFD             FIELD    PJF derivation                

         LEACCREL              FIELD    Relationship Type           + 



 Fn=Help Fn=Exit  Fnn=Cancel Fnn=Messages Fnn=BulkChg  Fnn=SelectAll



If the Bulk Change option is used, a list of all the selected objects that you have authority to change will be shown along with the user authorities.

From this screen it is possible to:

Note: The change function key is only enabled if the current user is the LANSA security officer or has change rights to the definition of the object being displayed.


 DC@P400102            Review / Change Object Access                   


   Object            : ORDLINE                                         

   Library           : QGPL                                            

   Type              : FILE                                            

   Description       : Purchase order lines file                       


              DEFINITION     DATA                   DEFINITION   DATA

   User       Use-Mod-Dlt   R-A-C-D          User  Use-Mod-Dlt  R-A-C-D

   *PUBLIC     X            X X X X                                    

   QSECOFR     X   X   X    X X X X                                    


   QPGMR       X   X   X    X X X X                                    



 Fnn=Help  Fnn=Exit  Fnn=Cancel  Fnn=Messages  F22=ShowLong            



Enter the users and authorities you wish to apply to all the listed objects. Press Enter to apply the change to all the objects.

To show the long name for an object, select it (by placing your cursor on it) and press F22.