5.4.2 Choose Your Task Tracking Approach

When you set up task tracking you need to choose the approach that best suits your needs. In many cases full task-oriented tracking is not required. You can choose from these four basic task tracking approaches:

Full task-oriented tracking  


Developers are assigned a new task identifier for each new unit of work they perform on any product. Tasks may involve multiple developers and multiple products.

Suitable for large sites, for sites with task-oriented methodologies and sites with product and developer cross-over.

+ Development is controlled, tasks are closed off

- Administrative overhead.

Tracking by product

Task identifiers are assigned to products.

Suitable for small teams which have little cross-over between products

+ Little administrative overhead

- No product completion points per developer

Tracking by developer

Task identifiers are assigned to individual developers.

Small teams where there is little cross-over between developers.

+ Little administrative overhead

- No product completion points

Minimum tracking

One task for the entire system. Only system internal task tracking activities are performed. Suitable for small teams with trusted developers

+ Minimal administrative overhead.

- There is no locking out of objects and you cannot export by task or inquire on task history.

- No definable units of work