5.5.3 Review/Change Task Identifier

When option 2=Review/Change definition is chosen from the 'Work with Tasks' menu, the Review Task Identifier screen is displayed.


  DC@P810003                 Review Task Identifier                    


  Task ID : *TSK1205 New A/C type module - Ref. 1205                  


  Use Change key to modify task identifier definition.                


   Description . . . . . . New A/C type module - Ref. 1205            

   Authorized users  . . . QPGMR                                       


   Task status . . . . . . OPN                                         


  Fnn=Help  Fnn=Exit  Fnn=Cancel  Fnn=Change  Fnn=Messages     



Working from the 'Review/Change Definition' screen you can:


  DC@P810004                 Change Task Identifier                    


  Task ID : *TSK1205 New A/C type module - Ref. 1205                   


  Type changes to task identifier details and press Enter .....        


   Description . . . . . . User change request - Ref. 1205           

   Authorized users  . . . QPGMR                                      



  Task status . . . . . . OPN                                         


  Fnn=Help  Fnn=Exit  Fnn=Cancel  Fnn=Messages                    



You can change these details on the Change Task Identifier screen:


A description of the task identifier. This will appear on all Task lists and reports.

Authorized Users

Authorized user/group profiles that can work under the task. Up to ten valid system user/group profiles can be entered. User/group profiles not defined are restricted from using this task identifier except for QSECOFR, the QSECOFR group or the Partition security officer user/group profile.

Task Status

The current status of the task. Valid task status are OPN (Task is Open), WRK (Work is/has been performed), CLS (Task is Closed) and FIN (Task is Finished). Note that you must set a task's status to FIN or CLS before you can delete it.

Note: Task status cannot be changed from FIN (Finished) to any other status.

When you change the task's status to FIN, you will be asked if you want to retain the Task History for this task.

If you enter NO, the task history will be deleted immediately.

If you enter YES, the task history will be retained. This history is subject to the normal purging rules. Refer to 5.4.3 Purge Task History for details.

In both cases, the objects locked to this task will be released and may then be used by other tasks.