5.5.4 Delete a Task Identifier

When option 4=Delete is chosen from the 'Work with Tasks' menu, the Delete Task Identifier screen is displayed for you to confirm the deletion.


  DC@P810005                 Delete Task Identifier                    


  Task identifier . . . : *TSK4071                                     

  Description . . . . . : User change request - Ref. 4071              

  Status  . . . . . . . : CLS                                          



               Confirm this task identifier to be deleted              


             Delete this task identifier . . . ___  YES, NO            


  WARNING : Deletion of this task identifier will remove its history   


  Fnn=Help  Fnn=Exit  Fnn=Cancel  Fnn=Messages        



Delete This Task Identifier?

A YES or NO entry is required.

YES will delete the task identifier and its history, NO will cancel this request and the task identifier and its history will not be deleted.

Note: A task identifier can only be deleted if its status is set to CLS (Task is closed) or FIN (Task is finished). You can change the status using the 5.5.3 Review/Change Task Identifier screen.

When you have answered the 'Delete this task identifier' question, you are returned to the 'Work with Tasks' menu.