5.5.7 Review Event Details

When option 5=Review Event Details is chosen from the 'Review Object History' menu, a screen similar to the following example is used to review the event details of an object:


  DC@P810008                   Review Event History                    


  Task ID: *TSK0327 Design A/C module database - Ref. 0327 Status: WRK  

  Partition: DEM  Object: TTSDF1       Extension:      Type: FIELD     

  Event: CRT  Date:  9/11/90  Time: 12:19:39   User: QPGMR             


  Message ID . . . : DCM0015                                         

  Message file . . : DC@M01                                          

    Library  . . . : DC@PGMLIB                                     

  Message text . . : Definition of field TTSDF1 successfully added to

data dictionary.

                  The definition of field TTSDF1 has been added to the

                   Data dictionary. If this field has been             

                   Automatically added to the dictionary you should    

                   review its definition and make changes to the       

                   associated description,column headings and label    

                   as required.                                        

  Message text . . : Object XXXXXX type XX check in to IBM i repository



  Fnn=Help  Fnn=Exit  Fnn=Cancel  Fnn=Messages  F22=ShowLong       



Show Long Name for the object by pressing F22. Refer to Long Names for more details.

When you have finished reviewing the event details of an object, you will be returned to the 'Review Object History' menu.