5.6 Reorganizing the LANSA Internal Database

LANSA stores a great deal of information about fields, files and processes. This information is kept in a set of approximately 80 IBM i database files that reside in the LANSA 'data' library. This is normally called DC@DTALIB, but may be different at your installation. These files begin with the prefix 'DC@F', 'DC@W'or 'DC@X' which identify them as 'internal' LANSA files.

Why Does it Have to Be Reorganized?

Like all IBM i database files, those in the LANSA 'internal' database should be regularly reorganized. There are two good reasons for doing this:

The steps involved in Reorganizing the LANSA internal database are as follows:



     1. Select the option to submit  |          |

        the job to Reorganize the    | HOUSE-   |

        LANSA internal database      | KEEPING  |

        on the housekeeping menu.    |  MENU    |






     2. Specify job details and      |          |

        submit the batch job.        |  SUBMIT  |


                                     |   JOB    |



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