5.7.1 Change the System Partition Being Worked With

When the option to change the partition being worked with is selected from the housekeeping menu a screen similar to the example following will be presented:


 DC@P400401          Change System Partition being used                


 Partition currently in use is XXX - XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX   

 Select a new partition (if desired) and press ENTER to continue.      


          Sel     Partition        Description                         

           _      XXX              XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX   

           _      XXX              XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX   

           _      XXX              XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX   

           _      XXX              XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX   



 Fnn=Help  Fnn=Exit  Fnn=Cancel  Fnn=Messages                          



The upper right area of the screen displays the name and description of the partition that is currently being used.

Displayed in the lower part of the screen is a list of all other partitions that you are authorized to use.

Warning: If you change partitions and return to the housekeeping menu to find it totally blank (i.e. no entries), it is probably because you are not authorized to use any of the menu entries in the new partition. Remember that each partition has its own independent security system. Arrange for the security officer to grant you the required access to the partition.