5.11.1 When to Use or Not Use the File Maintenance Utility?

The file maintenance utility is provided as an aid to software developers for the entry of test data and the testing of file validation rules. As such, it is primarily designed to handle 'mainstream' processing requirements in database files set up and maintained by LANSA.

If it is used on files that contain 'non-mainstream' features, some minor problems may occur that require the construction (by application template) of purpose built (or tailor made) RDML functions to fully support your testing requirements.

Files that are under commitment control should be treated with extreme caution. If a file under commitment control is maintained, the utility will issue commit operations after each insert, update and delete. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the file is journalled and that the job has had commitment control started.

Some of the 'non-mainstream' situations that the file maintenance utility will not handle, requiring the construction of purpose built RDML functions, include the following: