5.11.4 Select the Type of File Maintenance Required

When the file maintenance facility is being used and the physical file and required access path have been nominated as described in 5.11.3 Select the Maintenance Access Path a screen similar to the following example will be displayed:


 DC@P201102              Select Type of Maintenance      


 File : DEMNAMEN   DC@DEMOLIB View of customer master by customer name  



           Use cursor to select type of file access to be used         


            Display, change or delete individual file record(s)        

            Browse the file to choose required record(s)               

            Add new record(s) to the file                              




 Fnn=Help  Fnn=Exit  Fnn=Cancel  Fnn=Messages         



From this screen you can select the type of file access (maintenance) that you wish to use. The 3 available types are:

To select the type of file maintenance required, position the screen cursor on the same line as the description and press the enter key. This type of menu selection method is identical to that used on all LANSA menus.

Note: Only the first 100 fields of a file are displayed to perform operations such as add, update, and browse. This is a limitation of the File Maintenance Utility.