5.11.5 Add New Records to the File

When you have elected to add new record(s) to a file a screen similar in layout (but not content) to the following example will be presented.

This example is for a name and address file:


 DC@P201103                     Add File Record              


 File : DEMNAMEN   DC@DEMOLIB View of customer master by customer name  



                 *... ... 1 ... ... 2 ... ... 3 ... ... 4 ... ... 5 ...

 Name code       ____________________________________________________  

 Name            ____________________________________________________  

 Address line 1  ____________________________________________________  

 Address line 2  ____________________________________________________  

 Address line 3  ____________________________________________________  

 Post code       ____________________________________________________  




 Enter  Fnn=Help  Fnn=Exit  Fnn=Cancel  Fnn=Messages 



The left hand column of the screen indicates the names of the fields in the file. You enter the value that the field is to have in the new record into the associated entry in the right hand column.

Values can be entered in totally free format. LANSA automatically checks that the value you enter does not exceed the length or decimal precision of the associated field. In addition all associated file and dictionary validation checks will be performed.

A grid is provided across the top of the input column to aid in the entry of long alphanumeric fields.

If the file record contains more fields than will fit on one screen use the ROLL keys to roll the screen forward to input subsequent fields. Input all fields before pressing the enter key.

Once the record has been validated and added to the file the screen will be cleared and re-presented for the next record to be added. If there are no more records to add use the MENU or EXIT function keys to terminate the addition process.