5.11.6 Browse a File - Select the Browse Fields to be Displayed

If you have elected to browse the file to choose the required records a screen similar in layout (but not content) to the following example will be displayed.

This example is for a name and address file as can be seen by the fields that are in the file.


 DC@P201104            Select Fields to be Displayed                   


 File : DEMNAMEN   DC@DEMOLIB View of customer master by customer name 


       Select / order fields to be displayed while browsing the file   

 Sel    Field     Description                         Type  Leng  Dec  

  1     DEMNAC    Name Code                            A     6         

  2     DEMNAM    Name                                 A     25        

        DEMAD1    Address Line 1                       A     25        

        DEMAD2    Address Line 2                       A     25        

        DEMAD3    Address Line 3                       A     25        

  3     DEMPCD    Post Code                            A     6         



 Fnn=Help  Fnn=Exit  Fnn=Cancel  Fnn=Messages                          



This screen is requesting that you select the fields that are to be displayed while browsing the file. Select and order the fields by entering a number beside them. The presence of the number selects the field. The relative order of the number sequences the fields (from left to right) across the browse display.

If you select more fields than can fit on one browse line an error message will result. In this situation reduce the number of fields chosen until they will fit on one browse line. Note that it is not necessary for the entire field to fit onto the browse line, only that at least part of the field will fit onto the browse line.

Note that the key(s) of the file being browsed do not have to be included into the browse display.

In this example it can be seen that the user has elected to browse on fields DEMNAC, DEMNAM and DEMPCD and to display them in the same order.