5.11.7 Specify the Key(s) to Be Used

When using the file maintenance utility for individual record maintenance or browse/select file maintenance you will always be asked to specify the key(s) of the record(s) you wish to display or browse.

In such cases a screen similar in layout (but not content) to the following example will be presented.

This example is for a name and address that is being accessed via a view keyed by a field called 'Name'.


 DC@P201105            Specify First Record to Review                  


 File : DEMNAMEN   DC@DEMOLIB View of customer master by customer name 


 Specify all or part of the key of the first file record to be reviewed


                 *... ... 1 ... ... 2 ... ... 3 ... ... 4 ... ... 5 ...





 Fnn=Help  Fnn=Exit  Fnn=Cancel  Fnn=Messages                          



This screen is requesting that you specify the key(s) of the record(s) you wish to review. The key values you enter can be input in a totally free format manner. LANSA will automatically adjust them to the required format.

When you are inquiring against a specific file record specify the full key of the record required.

When you are browsing a file specify at least one of the keys requested. In addition, if the first key is alphanumeric it can be entered as a 'generic' value. This will cause a 'generic' search to occur. For instance entering customer name 'ACME' (as in this example) will result in a list of all customers whose names start with ACME being displayed.