5.11.8 Browse a File - Select a Specific Record to Maintain

Once a full, partial or generic key has been supplied for a browse request a search is made for all matching records in the file. If one or more records are found a screen similar in layout (but not content) to the following example will be displayed.

This example is the result of a generic search on a name and address file using name 'ACME'. The user also indicated that only the name code, the name and post code were to be displayed on the browse screen:


 DC@P201106            Browse File / Select Record(s)                  


  File : DEMNAMEN   DC@DEMOLIB View of customer master by customer name



     Name                             Post                             

 Sel Code   Name                      Code                             

  _  A00010 ACME AND FRIENDS          2356                             

  _  A00008 ACME ENGINEERING          2234                             

  X  A00001 ACME ENGINEERING COMPANY  2014                             

  _  A00009 ACME FRIENDS              3003                             

  _  A01000 ACME SHIPPERS & ENGINEERS 2016                             



 Fnn=Help  Fnn=Exit  Fnn=Cancel  Fnn=Messages                          



If more records were found that can be displayed on one screen use the ROLL keys to roll backwards and forwards through the list.

To select a record for full display, change or delete, enter any non-blank character beside it in the column headed 'Sel'. In this example it can be seen that the user has selected the 'ACME ENGINEERING COMPANY' record for full display.