Generic Object Names

The ability to add generic object names to the export list is accessible from all the 'Add ... to list' facilities except for; 'Add system variables to list' and 'Add other/non-LANSA objects to list'.

The Generic function key is used to add the Partial Name entered at the top-right corner of the screen, into the export list. If the Partial Name entered is blank the Generic function is ignored - to add all objects for the selected type, enter '*ALL', then press Generic or enter.

Any manual or generic object selections already made that are included by this new generic selection are removed. If an attempt is made to add a generic name that is included by a generic name previously added (i.e. add generic PSL when generic P has already been added) an error message is displayed.

Object names that are selected as the result of a generic name are shown with an 'G' beside them on their display list.

The 'G' cannot be removed. Thus a generic selection cannot be removed from the export list by using this facility. Use the option 'Review/delete objects already in list' to do this. Generic selections are identified by their description which is '##GENERIC NAME##'. This option is described in Generic Object Names.

Generic name selection has the advantage that the actual objects exported is determined at the time of export, not when the list is created. This means that any objects that were in a generic selection, but since deleted are ignored, and any new objects are considered when exporting.