Add Fields to the List

When the option to Add fields to list is chosen from the Work with Export List Menu, the Add Field(s) to List screen displayed to allow you to manipulate the export list.


  DC@P620004           Add Field(s) to List





 Enter full or partial name of the data dictionary field(s) to be 

 worked with or leave blank to select from all fields in dictionary 

 or enter *ALL to select all fields in the data dictionary . .  R      


     Field                                  Export Export Export 

 Sel Name     Description                   Files  Fun    WebCmp 

     REP1PAGE Report number 1 page number                             

  X  RESCODE  Response code (Y or N)                                  

  G  RETCAL   Return Code from Calender                               

  G  RETURN   Return Code                                             



 Fnn=Help  Fnn=Exit  Fnn=Generic  Fnn=Cancel  Fnn=Messages  F22=ShowLong  



This facility allows you to build temporary lists of fields from the LANSA data dictionary and display them on the screen.  The list will show standard fields from the repository, including fields with Visual LANSA visualization. It will not show Visual LANSA components. Use the Add Visual LANSA Components to the list to view and select Visual LANSA components. From the displayed lists fields can be chosen for inclusion in your export list.

These lists can automatically be built from

A displayed list may not fit on one screen. This is indicated by a '+' sign in the lower right of the screen. In such cases use the roll up and roll down keys to scroll backwards and forwards through the displayed list.

Long Names

You can show the long name for a field in the list by placing the cursor on it and pressing F22. Refer to Long Names for more details.

The Sel column

When you want to choose a field from the displayed list for inclusion into the export list enter a 'Y' beside it in the column headed 'Sel'.

Alternatively you may use the Generic function key to add the generic name into the export list. Generic names are described in detail in Generic Object Names.

X or G

Fields shown in the displayed list which are already included in the export list are shown with an 'X' or 'G' beside them. The 'X' or 'G' cannot be removed. Thus a field cannot be removed from the export list by using this facility. Use the Review/delete objects already in list to do this.

Export Files

Beside a chosen field, enter a Y in this column beside a field to automatically include in the export list all file definitions that contain a chosen field. To do this in the column headed 'Export Files'.

This column is ignored when using the Generic function.

Export Fun

Beside a chosen field, enter Y to automatically include in the export list all functions that use a chosen field in some way. Note that only functions that are currently compiled will be correctly selected when this option is used.

This column is ignored when using the Generic function.

Export WebCmp

Beside a chosen field, enter a 'Y' to automatically include Web HTML visual components that have been defined for a chosen field in the export list. Note that only visual Web HTML components with the same name as the field will be selected and added to the list.

If system flag *NOWEBEXP is set in the system data area DC@OSVEROP or the target system is not an IBM i, the Export WebCmp column is not available.

When you have completed using this facility, use the Cancel function key to return to the Work with Export List Menu.

The Export WebCmp column is ignored when using the Generic function.

You can set the *NOWEBEXP flag via Include Web details in export option in Export and Import settings.