Add Logical Views to the list

Warning: Careful thought should be given to the consequences of using this feature. The purpose is to allow a new logical view to be created and exported/imported into another system without having to export/import the physical file and existing logical views.

Note: The compiled logical view and I/O module are imported into the target system. The I/O module is imported automatically, as the existing one will not recognize the new logical view. When the file is made operational on the exporting system the only difference between its definition and that on the importing system should be the new logical view, which is to be exported/imported. If there are other differences, the I/O module may not function as expected on the target system.

When a file is selected with an 'L' in the Sel column of the Add files to list screen, a screen similar to the following example is used to manipulate the export list:


 DC@P620016        Add Logical View(s) to List






 Sel    Logical View             Description

  X     PSLMST1                  Personnel master 1 

        PSLMST2                  Personnel master 2 

  _     PSLMST3                  Personnel master 3 



 Fnn=Help  Fnn=Exit   Fnn=Cancel    Fnn=Messages  F22=ShowLong





This facility allows you to build temporary lists of logical views known to LANSA and display them on the screen. From these displayed lists, logical views can be chosen for inclusion in your export list.

When individual logical views belonging to a file are selected, the export will contain the same information as if the file itself had been selected with 'Comp Form' 'Y' and 'Copy Data' 'N'. The difference occurs when the import is done.

If the version of LANSA supports the import of selected logical views, then all the associated file definitions (views, virtual fields etc), but only the selected logical view objects and the I/O module will be imported. But if the import of selected logical views is not supported by the LANSA system then all definitions and all objects will be imported.

These lists will contain all the logical views for the file.

A displayed list may not fit on one screen. This is indicated by a '+' sign in the lower right of the screen. In such cases use the roll up and roll down keys to scroll backwards and forwards through the displayed list.

Files shown in the displayed list which are already included in the export list are shown with an 'X'. The 'X' cannot be removed. Thus a logical view cannot be removed from the export list by using this facility. Use the option 'Review/delete objects already in list' to do this. This option is described in detail in a later section.

Additionally, you can show the long name for a logical view in the list by placing the cursor on it and pressing F22. Refer to Long Names for more details.

When you want to choose a logical view from the displayed list for inclusion into the export list enter any non blank character beside it in the column headed 'Sel'.

When you have completed using this facility, use the Cancel function key to return to the Work with Export List Menu.