Add Web HTML Components to the List

When the option to 'Add web HTML components to list' is chosen from the Work with Export List Menu a screen similar to the following example is used to manipulate the export list:


 DC@P620018       Add Web Components to List                           





 Enter full or partial name of the Web Component to be worked with     

 or leave blank to select from all Web Components  . . . . . . _______ 


Sel  Component    Type    Description               Value              

  _   ADVERT      BANNER  Advertising banners       ADVERT             

  _   DEPTMENT    VISUAL  Drop down for department  IDEPTMENT          

  _   LOADINST    TEXT    Default load instruct     onLoad='timerONE=  

  _   PAYMENT     VISUAL  Check box                 IPAYMENT           

  _   STDFOOTER   PAGE    Standard Footer           STDFOOTER          

  _   TABLE       AFILE   Table file                WWWLIB /TABFIL     




 Fnn=Help  Fnn=Exit  Fnn=Cancel  Fnn=Messages                         




This facility allows you to build temporary lists of Web components and display them on the screen. From the displayed list, web components can be chosen for inclusion into your export list.

These lists can be built from either all web components, or only from components with a specified generic name.

Web components shown in the displayed list which are already included in the export list are shown with an 'X' or 'G' beside them. The 'X' or 'G' cannot be removed. Use the option 'Review/Delete Objects Already in the List' to remove web components from the export list.

When you want to choose a web component from the displayed list for inclusion into the export list enter any non blank character beside it in the column headed 'Sel'. Alternatively you may use the Generic function key to add the generic name into the export list.

The definition of the web component and associated web pages, if any, and associated banner component, if any, will be exported.

When you have finished using this facility, use the Cancel function key to return to the Work with Export List Menu.