5.13 Application Templates

Application templates in LANSA are provided to enable RDML programs to be generated automatically by a 'question and answer' session.

An application template consists of Application Template Commands and RDML commands.

The application template commands control how, when and what RDML commands are generated. They usually do this by asking the user a question, then by using the answer, generate different RDML commands.

The application template may be used as a 'skeleton' or 'model' for the generation of a complete RDML program or to generate a commonly used section of RDML code or logic.

'End user' access to application templates is supported when creating a new RDML function. An end user may select an application template that will generate a complete RDML program by answering the questions defined in the template.

Programmer access to application templates is supported when both creating a new function, and directly from the RDML editor. The programmer may choose many different application templates to automatically construct different parts of the RDML program they are creating or maintaining.

Some application templates are shipped with the LANSA product.

You can modify templates that are shipped with the product to exactly match your installation standards.

You can create your own application templates for subsequent use by your programmers or end users.

5.13.1 Invoke the Work With Application Templates Facility

5.13.2 Work with Application Template Definitions

5.13.3 Creating Application Templates

5.13.4 Review/Change Application Template Definition

5.13.5 Review/Change Application Template Commands

5.13.6 Maintain Template HELP Panels

5.13.7 Create a New HELP Panel

5.13.8 Review/Change a HELP Panel Definition

5.13.9 Review/Change a HELP Panel Body