5.14 Impact Analysis

Impact Analysis is designed to give you a way of assessing the impact of changes on applications. It helps to find where LANSA application changes are to be made and the extent of those changes.

It is possible to search for LANSA objects which have particular features and to find the relationship of those objects to other LANSA objects. A LANSA object in this context is a Field, File, Function, System Variable or Multilingual Variable. A list of the LANSA objects found by these searches can be built up and held on an Impact List. Objects are searched for in the current partition.

The Impact List consists of a named list containing entries of LANSA objects. Each entry has associated 'why it was added to the list' reasons.

The Impact List can be used in the Work with Fields, Work with Files, Work with Functions, Work with System Variables and Work with Multilingual Variables panels. When an Impact List is used in these Work with panels only the objects on the Impact List are displayed. By this means it is possible to work from a subset of objects to make changes to the Repository. Refer to 'Selecting entries from the LANSA menus' for details.

The entries on an Impact List can be retrieved into an RDML function by use of the special Built-In Function GET_ILENTRY_LIST.