5.14.5 Impact List - Related Search

When Option 24 is used against an Entry on the 'Work with List Entries' screen a Related Search is initiated. A Related Search looks for objects which have a connection to the current object entry. The objects found are added to the entries in the list. Each entry added will have a 'why it was added' Reason attached. This reason will show the relationship that exists. The search may be run in batch or interactively. If run interactively the list is redisplayed with the added entries highlighted.

By using the Related search a developer can find interdependencies of objects and use this information when planning a change to a LANSA system.

To perform a Related Search you must:

1.  Enter YES or NO for Run in Batch

2.  Select the type of related objects to be searched for.

Select the type of Related object to be searched for

The type of Related object to be searched for is selected from the box presented when Option 24 is entered against an entry.


     :          Related Search              :

     :   FIELD  DISCAMT                     :

     :   Run in Batch  YES   YES/NO         :

     :  Use cursor to make a selection      :

     :   Add Related Fields                 :

     :   Add Related Files                  :

     :   Add Related Functions              :

     :   Add Related System Variables       :

     :   Add Related Multilingual Variables :

     :   Cancel Add Request                 :

     : Fnn=Help Fnn=Cancel Fnn=Messages     :



The Run in Batch option can be YES or NO. For details of Run in Batch see 5.14.9 Run Impact List searches in Batch.

The Related Search may also be initiated by Options 31-35 against an entry on the Work with List Entries screen.

Option action:

31-requests related Fields to be searched for.

32-requests related Files to be searched for.

33-requests related Functions to be searched for.

34-requests related System Variables to be searched for.

35-requests related Multilingual Variables to be searched for.

These searches will be run interactively.

Note 1: System Variables are system wide objects while all the other objects dealt with by Impact Analysis are partition wide. Consequently care should be taken when changes to System Variables are being considered since they may be used in other partitions and that use will not be reported by Impact Analysis within the current partition.

Note 2: Only the active and latest versions of files are searched. Both active and latest versions of a file may relate to the object  and a reason for both versions will be attached to the entry.