5.14.7 Display Details of Object/Reason

The display of Details will occur when cursor position and function key are used on the 'Work with List Entries' screen for details of an Object or on the 'Reasons for an Entry' screen for details of a reason. The details are also displayed when Option 8 is used against a list entry.


DC@P410014         Display Details of Object/Reason                    


List   : CR1234  Change Req 1234 - amend discount calculation          

FILE  INVDET    INVLIB     Invoice Details                             

 FIELD DISCAMT is on this FILE                                         

Find .....________________________________________                     

*Fields on File  : INVDET     INVLIB       Version No.   8             

 CUSNO         Customer Number                       Key  1   A  10    

 INVNO         Invoice Number                        Key  2   A  10    

 INVTOT        Invoice total                                  P  11 2  

 DISCAMT       Discount Amount                                P   9 2  

 DATEND        Customer Number                                S   8 0  

 GLPER         General Ledger period                          S   2 0  



Fnn=Help  Fn=Start  Fn=End  Fnn=Cancel  Fnn=Messages  

Fnn=F/Fwd  Fnn=F/Bkwd          



The details shown will vary according to what details were requested.

A scan facility is provided on this screen. It is similar to that provided in the RDML editor. The display can be positioned to the start or end. A string can be entered in the Find.... value and scanned for forwards or backwards. Wild characters of ? are permitted within the string.