5.8.3 If you Enable a Partition for RDMLX

This section only applies if you are modifying an existing partition or creating a new partition to be enabled for RDMLX.

Before enabling a partition for RDMLX, review RDML and RDMLX Partitions Concepts in the Visual LANSA Administration Guide to understand the implications of this option.

If you choose to enable a partition for RDMLX, then you will be presented with additional screens to specify defaults for object creation in the RDMLX-enabled partition.


 DC@P400410              Add RDMLX Field Defaults              


 Create as RDMLX               Components : YES   Function : YES 

                               Fields : YES     Fields : YES 


                        Allow in             Keyboard           Edit

                        Fields   Default      Shift Length  Dec  Cde

A Alphanumeric          YES      *BLANK         _      10    0     

     Input Attributes  : FE                                          

     Output Attributes :                                             

H Character             YES      *NULL          _      10    0     

     Input Attributes  : FE                                          

     Output Attributes :                                             

P Packed                YES      *ZERO          _      15    0   3

     Input Attributes  : FE   RB                                     

     Output Attributes :                                              

S Signed                YES      *ZERO          _      15    0   3

     Input Attributes  : FE   RB                                     

     Output Attributes :                                              

D Datetime              YES      *SQLNULL       _      26    0    

     Input Attributes  : ASQN FE   ISO  SUTC                         

     Output Attributes :                                              +



 Fnn=Help  Fnn=Exit  Fnn=Cancel  Fnn=Messages  Fnn=LastActDtl        



Create RDMLX Components, Functions, Fields, Files

The options enable you to set the defaults for RDMLX status for these object types in this partition. This default value will be used when creating the objects in the Visual LANSA development environment.

The default is YES.

A value of YES means that this object type will be enabled for RDMLX when created. You may change the default value for the particular object being created.

Defaults by Field Type

Various defaults and enabling flags may be specified for each field type. These defaults will be used when creating fields in this partition. Only those field types which are flagged as enabled will be able to be created in this partition.

Allow in Fields

Allowable values are:


Fields of this type may be created in this partition.


Fields of this type may not be created in this partition.

If your partition has existing field types, such as A (alphanumeric), P (packed) or S (signed), it is recommended that these types remain enabled to ensure maintenance of existing code is not restricted.

Default values may be specified for:

These defaults will be used when fields of this type are created in this partition.

Input and output attributes for field types A (alphanumeric), P (packed) or S (signed) will be set initially to the system level values. They may be changed. The values set will be used in this partition.