5.16.3 Job Description and Library

Requests the name (and optionally the library of residence) of the job description that is to be used when a batch job is submitted.

Job descriptions are a native part of the IBM i operating systems and are required whenever a batch job is submitted. Refer to the appropriate IBM manuals for more details.

If you specify a job description name only (i.e. no specific library), then the special value *LIBL is used for the library name. *LIBL indicates that the current job's library list should be searched for the first occurrence of a job description with the specified name.

Library name is specified in the format:


For example QGPL/QBATCH specifies that job description QBATCH in library QGPL should be used.

The special value *USRPRF can be used on the IBM i only as the job description name. This indicates to LANSA that the job description associated with your IBM i user profile should be used.

Once you have specified a job description LANSA checks that the job description exists and that you are authorized to use it. If either of these checks fail the screen will be re-displayed with an error message indicating the cause of the problem.