5.16.4 Job Queue And Library

Requests the name (and optionally the library of residence) of the job queue onto which a batch job is to be submitted.

Job queues are a native part of the IBM i operating system and all batch jobs must be submitted onto a job queue. Refer to the appropriate IBM manuals for more details.

If you specify a job queue name only (i.e. no specific library), then the special value *LIBL is used for the library name. *LIBL indicates that the current job's library list should be searched for the first occurrence of a job queue with the specified name.

Library name is specified in the format:


For example QGPL/QBATCHL specifies that job queue QBATCHL in library QGPL should be used.

The special value *JOBD can be used on the IBM i as the job queue name. This indicates to LANSA that the job queue associated with the job description you have nominated elsewhere on the screen should be used.

Once you have specified a job queue LANSA checks that the job queue exists and that you are authorized to use it. If either of these checks fail the screen will be re-displayed with an error message indicating the cause of the problem.