7.1 Work with Objects to Be Documented

When you select the option Work with System Documentation option from the Main System Menu, the first screen presented looks something like this:


 DC@P840101                  Work with Documents                        


 Type options and press Enter .....                                     

 2=Review/Change definition  4=Delete  5=Review/Change Selected Objects

 7=Produce Document  17=Last Action Details       



 Opt     Document Name     Description                                  

 __     DOCPSLSYS         Document describing the Personnel System     

 __     DOC0000001        Technical Document only                      

 __     DOC0000002        Document all panel layouts for Personnel     








 F1=Help  F3=Exit  F6=Create  F12=Cancel  F14=Msgs        



Working from the "Work With Documents" screen you can, by entering one of these options beside a list entry, elect to: