7.3 Work with Selected Objects to Be Documented

When a new document is created or an existing document is reviewed a screen like this will be presented to the user:


 DC@P840106             Review/Change Selected Objects                  




 Enter number of function or place cursor on same line and press Enter. 


 __ 1. Include fields in document                                      

    2. Include files in document                                       

    3. Include processes/functions in document                         

    4. Include other documents                                         

    5. Review/delete objects already included in document              

    6. Review/change Table of Contents                                 





 F1=Help  F3=Exit  F12=Cancel  F14=Msgs                                 



By working from this screen the objects that are defined in the new or existing document can be manipulated. In summary, the facilities provided to manipulate the list are: