7.4 Include Fields in the Document

When the option to "Include Fields in Document" is chosen from "Work with Documents", a screen similar to this example is used to include fields in the document.


 DC@P840107                Include Fields in Document                   





Enter full or partial name of the data dictionary field(s) to be worked

With or leave blank to select from all fields in dictionary or enter   

 *ALL to select all fields in the data dictionary  . . . . . . A       



 Sel   Name       Description                                           

 _    AB$OPT     Action Bar Option                                     

 X    ADDRESS1   Street No and Name                                    

 X    ADDRESS2   Suburb or Town                                        

 X    ADDRESS3   State and Country                                     





 F1=Help  F3=Exit  F12=Cancel  F14=Msgs                                 



This facility allows you to build temporary lists of fields from the LANSA data dictionary and display them on the screen. From these displayed lists fields can be chosen for inclusion into your document.

These lists can be built from all fields, only fields that have a certain generic name, or all fields in the dictionary can be chosen automatically for inclusion into your document.

A displayed list may not fit on one screen. This is indicated by a "+" sign in the lower right of the screen. In such cases use the roll up and roll down keys to scroll backwards and forwards through the displayed list.

Fields shown in the displayed list which are already included in the document are shown with an "X" beside them. The "X" cannot be removed. Thus a field cannot be removed from the document using this facility. Use the option "Review/exclude objects in document" to do this. This option is described in detail in a later section.

When you want to choose a field from the displayed list for inclusion into the document enter a "Y" beside it in the column headed "Sel".

When you have completed using this facility, use the Cancel function key to return to the "Review/Change Selected Objects" Menu.