7.8 Review/Exclude Objects in the Document

When the option to "Review/exclude objects in document" is chosen from the "Review/change objects in document" Menu a screen similar to this example is used to manipulate the contents of the document.


 DC@P840111            Review/Exclude Objects in Document               







 Drop   Object/Type/Library or Process/Description                    

 _       AB$OPT    /FIELD     /          /Action Bar Option            

 _       ADDRESS1  /FIELD     /          /Street No and Name           

 _       ADDRESS2  /FIELD     /          /Suburb or Town               

 _       ADDRESS3  /FIELD     /          /State and Country            

 _       COMMENT   /FIELD     /          /Comment on skills acquired   

 _       DATE      /FIELD     /          /Numeric date in installatio  

 _       DATEACQ   /FIELD     /          /Date Skill Acquired (DDMMYY  

 _       DEPTDESC  /FIELD     /          /Department Description       

 _       DEPTMENT  /FIELD     /          /Department Code              

 _       EMPNO     /FIELD     /          /Employee Number              

 _       FULLNAME  /FIELD     /          /Employee full name           

 _       FUNCTION  /FIELD     /          /Current function name        

 _       GIVENAME  /FIELD     /          /Employee Given Name(s)      +


 F1=Help  F3=Exit  F12=Cancel  F14=Msgs                                 



The screen displays details of all objects currently included in the document contents.

A displayed document object list may not fit on one screen. This is indicated by a "+" sign in the lower right of the screen. In such cases use the roll up and roll down keys to scroll backwards and forwards through the displayed document object list.

To delete an object from the list, enter a "Y" beside the object in the column headed "Drop" and press enter. The object is dropped and the new revised list is re-displayed.