7.9 Review/Change Table of Contents

When the option to "Review/change Table of Contents" is chosen from the "Review/change objects in document" Menu a screen similar to this example is used to review, omit or reorder the sequence of subjects to be documented.


 DC@P840112              Review/Change Table of Contents                





 Omit, or reorder subjects, then press Enter.                           


 Order/Omit     Subject                                                

    5          End user description of process      XXXXXXXXXX         

   10          Technical description of process     XXXXXXXXXX         

   15          Menu layout of process               XXXXXXXXXX         

   20          Summary of functions used by process XXXXXXXXXX         

   25          Summary of files used by process     XXXXXXXXXX         

   30          Summary of fields used by process    XXXXXXXXXX         

   35          End user description of function     XXXXXXXXXX         

   40          Technical description of function    XXXXXXXXXX         

   45          Panel layouts used by function       XXXXXXXXXX         

   50          MSL Diagram for function             XXXXXXXXXX         

   55          Summary of files used by function    XXXXXXXXXX         

   60          Summary of fields used by function   XXXXXXXXXX         

   65          Call cross referencing for function  XXXXXXXXXX        +


 F1=Help  F3=Exit  F12=Cancel  F14=Msgs                                



This screen displays the subjects which will be included into the document for the selected processes and functions, in the order in which they will appear. It is possible to omit or reorder the subjects into the desired sequence of subjects.

Any "other documents" which have been entered will also be shown in the Table of Contents. Files and fields which have been selected will not appear in the Table of Contents, as they will always appear in an Appendix in alphabetical order at the end of the document.

On the first review of the Table of Contents, the selected processes and functions will ordered into a pre-set sequence of subjects. Each process will be followed by any of its associated functions, and any other documents to be included will appear following processes and functions. The pre-set sequence of subjects for processes is:

The pre-set sequence of subjects for functions being documented is:

To omit a subject, either blank out the order/omit field or enter "9999" into the order/omit field. To reorder a field, enter the desired sequence number. When enter is pressed, the Table of Contents will be redisplayed in the correct sequence, with omitted subjects at the end. Omitted subjects can be re-selected by entering a sequence number into the order/omit field.

If new objects are added to the list of objects to be documented following the first review of the Table of Contents, they will appear at the beginning of the Table of Contents so that they can be reordered into the correct sequence if desired.