8.1 Define Personal Computers to LANSA

This section deals with the way in which Personal Computers running LANSA are defined to the LANSA system on the IBM i.

Note that on the PC side, when installing LANSA on the PC, the PC will be given a (permanent) node name. This name is used as the identifier of the PC on the IBM i. Therefore, this name must be a valid IBM i name.

Also note that data queues used for Visual LANSA are deleted and then recreated during LANSA Reorgs. This is done to free the space previously occupied by data on the data queues (clearing a data queue does not free the space used up by data on it). Please make sure that no data waiting to be processed is on the data queues when submitting a reorganization of the LANSA database.

Note that the LANSA REORG job addresses only data queues that are currently on file. Data queues deleted from the LANSA file due to a change of name or explicit delete of the PC definition still exist and should be deleted manually from the Data Queue In and Data Queue Out Libraries. These libraries should be deleted if they are no longer required as they may take up variable amounts of space even if they contain no data.

If you are working with multilingual systems, please review Handling Multilingual Text in the LANSA Multilingual Application Design Guide.