System Definition Data Area Overview

The system definition data areas are used to tailor a number of values and defaults used by LANSA for your installation.

A facility to review and change the values of the system settings in the data areas is available via the Administration Menu. The settings are available by category groupings, regardless of the data area in which they are recorded.

If you change these data area settings directly, you must exercise care and caution to ensure that you change the correct data area and any associated settings. Before you can change them, you must be signed on as either the operating system security officer QSECOFR or the LANSA system owner profile.

If you have installed multiple LANSA systems then you will have multiple data areas (one for each system). Ensure that the correct one is being referenced before it is changed.

It is a good idea to save or duplicate (with another name) the existing system definition data areas before changing them. Thus if the changes cause unexpected problems or the wrong part of the data area is changed it is easy to revert back to the old data area and start again.