User Exit Programs

LANSA provides facilities for "user exit" programs at various key points within the product.

The following information describes the various user exit facilities that are available, and examples of how you might choose to use them.

Before attempting to enable and use a user exit program note the following:

If the User Exit Program uses SQL CLI


User exits are provided to increase your productivity because they allow "tailor made" processing to be performed in some situations. However, if you enable a user exit program, and then use it, you are completely responsible for its operation, maintenance and future compatibility with any new releases of LANSA. You are also completely responsible for any loss of data integrity, or data corruption, that it may cause.

All examples in the following sections are provided on an "as is" basis. No warranty concerning these examples is expressed or implied. The suitability of these examples for your installation is a matter for your judgment alone.

Libraries in which user exit programs are placed

Do not place user exit programs in the standard LANSA program library. This library is cleared and reloaded during the install of a new LANSA release. Use another common, shared library such as QGPL instead.

User exit programs included:

User Exit F@BGNCMT - Start Commitment Control

User Exit F@ENDCMT - End Commitment Control

User Exit UEX@0001 - an Alternative RDML Command Editor

User Exit UEX@0002 - an Alternative Help Text Editor

User Exit LCXP9000 - User Exit for PC-Based Products

User Exit - Export/Import Message logger

User Exit CIDT (Can I Do This)

User Exit IJDT (I Just Did This)

User Exit LANSA Security Check

User Exit for Environment

User Exit for SUBMIT command